Hoosier Homegrown

As a locally owned grocery store, we have a passion for working with local farmers and producers of Hoosier products. Since 1894, we have been developing relationships with Hoosier farmers in order to provide our customers with the newest and freshest items.

When you purchase locally produced products, not only are you are supporting your community, you are increasing your nutritional value, and the freshness is undeniable. Buying local does not mean giving up all food coming from afar, but favoring local foods that are available and in season. More than 70% of the food that we eat in the United States comes from outside of the country, and has traveled up to 2000 miles before it gets to your table, which leaves a large carbon footprint on our environment. We work extra hard to ensure that our local produce offerings are grown within an average of 150 miles of our stores. Look for our “Hoosier Homegrown” and “locally grown” signs in the Produce Department, (and throughout the entire store) and you’re sure to find the finest and freshest seasonal products in town.