For over 120 years, Baesler’s Market has been dedicated to offering quality products to its customers. It all began in 1894 when George C. Baesler and Herman H. Wittenbrock opened Baesler and Wittenbrock Meat Market at 1373 Main Street, which today is Wabash Avenue, in Terre Haute, Indiana. From 1894 to 1955, Baesler’s was operated by George Baesler, and then later by his son, Herman. During this time, George and Herman moved the store to several locations along Wabash Ave. In 1955, Herman’s son Charles took over operation, and five years later the store began to carry a full line of grocery items under the name Baesler’s IGA Market. In 1963, the family purchased Ralph’s Market on the corner of 25th and College. Ten years later, Charles brought his son Robert (Bob) into the business. For fourteen years, Charles and Bob worked as a Father and Son duo until Charles passed away in 1987. From there, Bob took over the family business, becoming the fourth generation Baesler to operate the market.

Bob worked to serve his customers and community while growing his business. In 2000, he built a new facility located at 2900 Poplar Street. In 2004, Bob continued the tradition and his son, Casey, began working in the family business. Customer needs prompted a remodel in 2005 where 10,000 square feet was added to the store, including a pharmacy that is operated today by JR Pharmacy. In May of 2012, the family acquired Angel’s Grocery Stores located in Sullivan and Linton, Indiana. After carrying Springmill Bread products for many years, in 2013, Mr. Baesler acquired the company. In order to bring new and innovative services to their customers, the Terre Haute location went through an extensive remodel in 2015. Renovations included updates to the donut cases and displays in the bakery, a new service counter and self serve hot bar in the deli , all new cases, display bins and an expanded salad bar in produce, the addition of a full service meat and seafood counter in the Meat Department, as well as, redesigned front end registers, flooring, gas pumps, and exterior. Today Baesler’s is proud to still be serving the Terre Haute, Sullivan, and Linton communities.

Throughout the years, from generation to generation and location to location, Baesler’s Market has consistently focused on superior quality and outstanding customer service. After working for three generations of Baesler operators, a meat cutter once said that all three focused on a core principle, “They all told me not to handle anything I wouldn’t buy myself, and that’s how I operate.” Today, Baesler’s Market strives to maintain fast and friendly customer service, as well as the finest cuts of meat, premium produce and delicatessen. We are very proud of our history, and we look forward to continuing to serve our communities with the highest level of customer service, and superior quality we’ve had since we opened our doors over 120 years ago.