Q. How much does curbside pick up cost?

A.There is a $5 charge for curbside pickup.

Q. What should I do and where should I park when I get to the store?

A. When you arrive at your designated time to pick up your groceries, park in one of our 3 marked parking spaces (across from the pharmacy), and text the number on the sign with your name and parking spot to alert our staff that you are here.

Q. Are the prices same online as they are in-store?

A. Yes! The prices you see on our online store are the exact same prices you would see on our shelves. You can even shop from our ad online.

Q. Is there a minimum order amount?

A. Nope!

Q. Can I use coupons?

A. Yes! You can use digital coupons that have been clipped to your perks card through our app. You may also use physical coupons if you choose to pay at pick up.

Q. Can I use WIC?

A. Yes, you will just need to pay in the store at pick up.

Q. Can I request paper or plastic bags?

A. Yes! Just be sure to include your preference in the instructions section at checkout.

Q. Should I tip employees who come out to my car?

A. No! We request that you do not tip our employees.