Pasteurized recipe cheese product. 40 calories per slice. See nutrition information sodium content. Good source of calcium. Liquid of gold. Visit us at:; 1-800-634-1984. Please have package available. Velveeta Original Slices are easy melt slices that are delicious on all your favorite foods. These convenient slices are ready to enjoy so you can add them to a snack or family dinner quickly and easily. A good source of calcium with no trans fat and 2 grams of total fat per serving, these tasty slices are always a great choice for kids and adults. Use these easy melt slices to top a grilled burger at your next outdoor cookout, or add some melty goodness to a breakfast burrito or scrambled eggs in the morning. Try melting these slices with milk and butter to make a creamy nacho sauce, or enjoy slices cold on sandwiches or snack crackers. These 16 cheese slices are individually wrapped in a 12 ounce package.