Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars, Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, 4 Pack

Did someone say peanut butter jackpot? Because there is simply nothing better than peanut butter frozen Greek yogurt nestled beneath a crunchy and decadent milk chocolatey coating. It's like winning the lottery twice in a row. Make that three times, because with only 5g of protein and 170 calories per bar, double fisting is a-okay. So grab your lucky bar, take a bite, and see for yourself what winning tastes like. Enjoy! - Amanda & Drew Founders. Meet the fam everything you need to build the snack drawer of your dreams - poppables, sandwiches, bars. Live and active cultures. When the inside is creamy loaded and the outside is chocolatey coated - yes, you should. When I dip you dip, we dip. Looks like the freezer is the new snack drawer. Recyclable. Yasso Game On! Foundation. We taste good. We do good. Thank you for supporting Game On! with your purchase. Learn how we work to inspire health and happiness in communities with our Game On! Foundation at yasso.com/game-on.