OUTSIDERS PIZZA COMPANY Spicy Sausage + Cheese Curds Milwaukee Style Frozen Pizza 1.4 lb. Pack

Spicy sausage - caramelized onions - white cheddar cheese curds - mozzarella - peppadew peppers. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. No artificial flavors. Damn good pizza can come from anywhere. At Outsiders, we're giving the best, under-respected pizzas their moment. These pizzas come from great American cities like Detroit and Milwaukee, where the cheese flows like champagne, and caramelized crust is always kissed with oil. We pay these humble pizza styles tribute for one reason: They taste good. Milwaukee. Land of crispy crust with cheese piled high. Our Milwaukee bar pie was designed to be eaten in a cozy watering hole, but technically you can eat it anywhere you'd like. What's Milwaukee pizza like? It's tavern style, meaning the crust is thin, buttery, and far from an afterthought. Toppings range from spicy sausage to real cheese curds, and ample thick-shredded mozzarella is standard. One thing you should know: This pizza is meant to be cut in squares, also known as a party cut. And now that you know that, why would you cut a pizza any other way? Contact us: 1-800-637-8543.