Eckrich Smok-Y Turkey Breakfast Smoked Sausage Links are crafted with just the right blend of spices and turkey for a delicious everyday meal your family will love. The smoked breakfast sausage links can be served whole or sliced and are the perfect addition to any breakfast plate. Made with high-quality turkey, this naturally hardwood smoked sausage delivers authentic smokehouse flavor for a truly rich, savory taste. Eckrich breakfast links are fully cooked, offering a delicious everyday meal solution that is quick, easy and convenient to prepare. It's easy to heat this fully cooked breakfast sausage in the microwave or on the stovetop or grill. Enjoy these smoked sausage links with scrambled eggs and toast, or add them to your favorite quiche, frittata or breakfast casserole for great taste. Craftsmanship, care and pride are guaranteed with every Eckrich product.