Similac NeoSure Infant Formula, with Iron

Birth to 12 months. Ready to feed bottles. DHA/ARA. 22 Cal/fl oz. For conditions such as prematurity. Promotes growth and development. Use Similac NeoSure to give your baby a strong start in life. An easy-to-digest milk-based formula that provides all the nutrients your premature baby needs. DHA and ARA, special nutrients found in breast milk that are important for brain and eye development. DHA and ARA have been clinically shown to improve visual development in preterm babies. Breast milk is recommended. If you choose to use infant formula, the makers of Similac have a formula that's right for your baby. When to Use: During those first busy days at home with your new baby; For the middle-of-the-night bottle; While traveling or vacationing; While entertaining; When a baby sitter will feed your baby; When your full schedule doesn't permit home preparation of formula.